Together, we can do more.

Have you heard the news? iN2L and LifeLoop have joined forces! Together, iN2L and LifeLoop offer your organization a comprehensive senior living technology platform developed to meaningfully impact staff effectiveness, workforce retention, staffing levels, AND resident engagement.

What does this mean?

Both iN2L and LifeLoop were founded on a shared mission to meaningfully advance the aging experience by engaging residents’ interests to spark passion, joy, and delight; nurturing meaningful connections with loved ones, family, and new friends; and elevating the staff experience by generating efficiencies.

Together, iN2L and LifeLoop will further our joint mission. For the first time, we will unite market-leading engagement technology with robust operational and administrative services in a singular platform that is uniquely positioned to address your organization's real-time needs, allowing you to:

  • Support resident satisfaction and well-being
  • Connect residents with family and loved ones outside of the community
  • Drive operational efficiencies to lighten the burden of work on staff
  • Help fill workflow gaps when staffing levels are low
  • Derive clear value and return on investment (ROI) to better support your organization's strategic goals
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This is awesome news - tell me more!

Please contact me to tell me more about iN2L + LifeLoop and what this means for me.

I'd like to see iN2L + LifeLoop in action!

Please contact me to schedule a private demo to see iN2L + LifeLoop at a time convenient for me.

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