iN2L_Path to Purposeful Engagement

The Path to Purposeful Engagement

As senior living operators seek to improve the resident experience, they face a major dilemma: how to provide a meaningful, individualized resident experience to each elder in a world that was built around an efficient, task-focused medical model.

This white paper, The Path to Purposeful Engagement, offers the insights you need to implement a resident-driven, community approach to purposeful engagement. You’ll learn:

  • Why it’s important to shift your community culture from activity-based to active
  • How the Club Model empowers residents to own and direct their engagement experiences
  • Why it’s strategic to transform the role of Life Enrichment staff from Cruise Directors to Connectors, and why it’s essential to galvanize the entire staff to support resident engagement
  • How to leverage technology to drive purposeful engagement

With this white paper’s actionable strategies, you can lead the effort in developing the community experience residents need.

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